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Search Engine Optimisation

Want to be ranked No1 on Google by tomorrow?

Awesome, youre in the right place, for the answer you dont want. You have better chance of catching a unicorn than you do of first page rank on Google. Its not nearly as simple as keywords and meta or domain authority.

With over 6000 updates to Google alone the local 3-pack, the secret Possum update and the SERP layout, for example, ex the social platform updates, all of which makes last seasons strategy obsolete as the new algorithm updates mean you have a better chance of catching a unicorn than ranking 1st on Google

ClickAss services cover all the areas listed below, but we overlay that with your big data, then combine this with strong content marketing and social media optimisation, a long term content strategy linked to the revenue model of your site, that increases QUALIFIED traffic.

The volume of traffic to your site matters far less than the QUALITY of that traffic.

Solid SEO requires a commitment, your patience, using momentum to gain velocity, and relevance to garner potency. It’s not a once off application or quick fix, and it only shows its ROI and quantifiable value between month 9 & 15. Anything sooner is considered a quick win, and not sustainable.

Website SEO


Q: When do you need SEO?

A: When you cannot see your site in Google organic search results

Context: Excludes Google AdWords & Hummingbird Listings



What is indexing in Google search? The ability to crawl your site. Crawling is the process by which search bots discover new and updated pages. Some factors include:

  • 404 Errors
  • HTML Site Map
  • HTML Mark-up
  • Robots.txt
  • Index Tags
  • Query Strings
  • Pagination
  • Mobile Compatibility

Site Speed

Non responsive or mobile friendly sites will not appear in Mobile search results. Some sites will be issued a RED tag that looks like the orange AD block in SERPS, but it reads ‘SLOW’ and this will show in all mobile search results.

Some of the categories covered here are:

  • Image File Size
  • Browser Cashing
  • Remote CSS
  • Remote Javascript
  • 3rd Party Codes
  • Time To First Byte
  • Mobile readiness

Site Hierarchy

  • Navigation
  • Internal Anchor Text
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Footer links

Content Quality

  • Bounce Rates
  • User Engagement
  • Unique Content
  • Content Freshness
  • Exit Rates
  • Tonality Checker
  • Plagiarism check
  • Content SEO
  • Publisher Tags


If you post anything online that is NOT optimised, its not yours, nor will it service your business in 18 months, if you push any button that reads “post” or “send” or “publish” you need to optimize that content.

  • Social Media Optimisation
  • Content SEO 
  • Website SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • Video SEO
  • Topical Relevance Optimisation
  • Link Building
  • Influencer linking


  • Brand Signals
  • LIS – Link Influence Score
  • Social Signals
  • Alternative Media
  • Domain Mentions
  • No Follow Links
  • Site Penalties
  • Algorithm Penalties
  • Outreach Influence
  • Citations & Reviews


  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Deep Link Ratio
  • Link Quantity And Velocity
  • Social Votes
  • Toxic Linking
  • Content authority
  • Publishing authorship
  • Content copywriting

Want To Understand The Specifics?

If all of this sounds like foreign language to you then get in touch and we’ll have a chat with you about it!

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