Dee Stephens

The volume of traffic to your page matters far less than how qualified that audience and traffic is" I am a dedicated individual, an analyst at heart, SEO professional , ORM professional, accomplished Content Marketer, SMO expert, and digital media award winner. Starting out as a content producer I have evolved this business to be the cornerstone of success in all things SEO and Content Marketing for my clients. My ability to identify and recognize the requirement, and craft the perfect online solution for my clients is un-parralled. By taking Gold for Excellence in content marketing for UNILEVER, Howzit MSN, Glambition, Beauty Box & Kagiso Media, ClickAss launched itself into this competitive industry, scooping up supporters like BidorBuy, Times Media Group, Mediamark & Idea Engineers Gusto and passion for my career seeps from my veins, I love what I do!

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