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Publishing loads of content does NOT equate to content marketing, or succes therin, rather it is the strategic marketing approach of creating and publishing authentic, relevant and sussinct to your audience and the platform. The objective is to attract and acquire a loyal and dependable audience

Every digital marketer is jumping on the content marketing band wagon, and with a huge collection of historical data available to us, it’s no wonder marketers have jumped this train, unaware of the paradox that exists in content marketing.

With a multitude of platforms available to us, social, email, web etc, its natural for marketers to want to adopt a more is more approach and flood these channels with copious amounts of content hoping for better traction.

With this multi-channel approach now becoming native to us, it’s no longer sparkly and new and it actually does have its downfalls, some of which are visible and some only in retrospect. What I mean by this is as this approach becomes normal to us, purely engaging in content marketing will not make you effective in it.

According to Nielsen’s Advertising & Audience Report, using TV as the analogy, TV has exploded across hundreds of channels, but this explosion in available channels did not increase engagement with TV in any way, infact, whilst their viewing choices changed and varied the number of consistently viewed channels did not.

How is this significant to us in the digital game? Well is substantiates the belief that more is NOT more, and more content does not equate to more consumption. If you are not the best option for your consumer, and have real value for your consumer in your content then you’re wasting your time and your resources… more

Reviews, case studies and recommendations

are the most powerful ranking factors, not only do they assure their fellow consumers of your worth and value they also help regulate an over populated industry. Most of our work here @ClickAss falls under very strict NDA’s so there isnt alot we can show you, but what we can do is assure you that we know what we are doing.

Digital marketing is not restricted to SEM, PPC, SEO, SM or PR and ORM. Rather its a symbiotic relationship with all those disciplines. Some brands have specific KPI’s and some have no interest in SEO, some businesses need a little more strategy than others, some dont have the man power to manage campaigns, or the correct technology. But one thing is for certain, they all need digital marketing.

Case Study

ClickAss Teamed Up With Glambition, Unilever, Kagiso Media And HowzitMSN & Took Hold Of Their Content Marketing To Produce A Winning Formula That Took Gold For Excellence In Content Marketing At The New Generation Media Awards

Amplify Programmatic By Using Data-Driven Creative.

“Mobilegeddon” Way back in 2014, we heard the faint whispers of this “Mobilegeddon” that was coming for all of us, brands especially; needless to say, we are finally there. However, that being said, the global data and facts don’t lie: eMarketer estimates (and it...

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What Is Generic Content?

It will bring your content marketing campaign down faster than a house of cards. Generic content will not work in 2016

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