Google’s “Phantom” Update Scarier Than You Think…

Google’s “Phantom” Update Scarier Than You Think…

Google have not revealed or admitted anything yet, but from I am able to understand, this update is a real issue., and all took serious knocks in traffic, a side effect that couldn’t have been predicted, attacking the quality of their content amongst other things, thus leaving devastation for these massive iconic sites. SEO‬ is now more needed than ever. ‪‎

Google‬ still wont reveal their “quality metrics” or admit the damage that this update does. ‪‎Publishers in South Africa are to pay special attention to this one as it affects ‪‎the AD‬ INVENTORY‬, (yes the commercial objectives that most publishers rely on),  not to mention the duplicate content issues. Context and relevance, quality, semantics, user journey, Trust Flow, Citation Flow and of course how authoritative ( how well you know your audience) your content and site is… the list goes on.

Google Gods are at war with Spam‬, and by that I mean the following:

If Google can assess the quality of the ad inventory of the site ( yes its a scary unsettling thought, but they can!) then the requirement to understand comes now, from what I cant ascertain Google is now checking to see weather or not your ad inventory is Spammy, by:

  1. Determining if your ad on the said page is aligned to the content on that said page

For example:


Phantom on ad inventory

  1. Determining if the content is aligned to the audience, based on your description of your site (META)

For example lets look at a poorly matched article on a motoring site that compares vehicles, in an attempt to create organic traffic a content piece like Hijack Safety For Women, would seem logical to the untrained as they would think it applies to all women on their site, one would assume that by the nature of the category it is 100% aligned, however the KEY here is the context. The site is not about safety for women but rather the motoring capabilities of each vehicle. So the correct content piece would be, ” The 3 safest vehicles for women ”  Therefore aligned with the context and nature of the motoring site.

Below is a breakdown of the 6 ways this new update will affect all sites.


And how it will affect your business

The Google Phantom Quality Update | Clickass


Search Wars Have Begun, Brands Better Rethink Their Social Strategies

Search Wars Have Begun, Brands Better Rethink Their Social Strategies

With the arrival of the search wars and the algorithm updates to Twitter, Facebook and Google, not to mention the Instagram and Pinterest updates, I think it’s fair to say that the search wars have officially begun. Each of these above mentioned, are search engines, and social search is moving to be the most powerful form of search….

What does this mean for us in the digital marketing game, or publishers that depend on social as a great traffic referral engine? Well it means that we have to start changing our game, as each of these updates is indicated to directly affect brands. Some good, some not. Some of my new clients have experienced some issues in their ability to track and bill for “Social Posts”, if you have these issues, I hope this helps.

Facebook EdgeRank 2015 will only show 10% of all over promotional brand posts to their audience, their little trick is a drop down menu that allows you to stop following the brand but still be friends or like the page, and that means that although it looks as though you have that audience, your penetration is far from that. As per Facebook, all over-promotional posts will be penalised. No click baiting whatsoever, no call to action that takes the user outside of Facebook, the list goes on. We also need to understand that operating a brand page under an individuals persona will also lead to loss in reach and penetration and the ability to prove anything.

Twitter however have come in and updated their algorithm that appears to be the hand brands now need after the FB update. With the ability to track everything from impressions. Total impressions on a Tweet, an hour-by-hour breakdown for the first day of that Tweet. You also get insight into total impressions for all your Tweets over a 28-day period to say the least. Twitter now allows direct message marketing which will allow for better traction with your audience, provided you know your audience.

Google Mobile Update ensures that the large mass of online people who access via their mobile devices will not see your site if it is not 1: responsive or mobile friendly, 2: takes too long to load. The penalties will be that your site does not appear in a mobile search, which is scary because at least 65% of the population access via their mobile devices. You will also be issued with a bright red SLOW tag next to your search listing.

How do these all these tie in together? Brands can no longer assume that by the CTR they will penetrate that percentage of the market, it means brands need to engage with their audience and not talk at them, understand the users intent and cater for that accordingly. Its not about attracting an audience, its about amplifying that audience to attract more like them, its about attracting that qualified audience.

Again I cant stress enough, know your audience, how do they access, what times do they engage, what do they engage with, where do they come from, most importantly, how long do they stay, how many pages deep do they go, what’s the exit rate vs. bounce? Its not all analytics though, you have to know more than that, you have to know their user intent.

Social Search has new algorithms that show their intent to take social marketing on, as they know full well that we charge for posts. The table has turned and now we have to pay to get the same results, that means that our pricing models need to be adjusted aswell.

Amplify Your Search Visibility

Amplify Your Search Visibility

You can now amplify your search visibility with Google Knowledge graph and Twitter.  In the advent of Social Search and the new buzz term “Visibility” in SEO, its a breathe of fresh air seeing that all these search engines are finally working together, or at least it appears that way. This article will outline how to optimize like a PRO. Social media in 2015 is changing so fast that even well established brands and agencies are suffering with the latest algorithm updates. In this article we are going to have a look at how Social Media can be amplified via simple little tools and tricks.

Seeing as tweets are now available on Google search results, it makes sense to use Twitter to amplify not only SEO but SMO at the same time. Take a look at the below images.

Social Media Optimisation

Google knowledge graph and Twitter

We can see how the Knowledge Graph and Twitter and Facebook all come together…. A simple yet effective way of owning the google search space visibility and the organic listing.

Social Media Optimisation

Search appearance of knowledge graph and Twitter

Below is an image of the new Twitter dashboard offering so much more than average, their analytic dashboard is now actionable with ability to extract better ROI.

Twitter Amplification

Twitter is now for Brands in such a big way!