Business Repitoire

Servicing some of South Africa’s top news publishers, magazines, marketplaces, PR agencies, FMCG and retail, we have built a solid respected reputation.

of on-line experiences start with a search engine

of people never view the second page of search results

of clicks go to to the top result on Google, 18% to the second

How We Rock Our Mojo

We Make Sure You Have A Solid Multi-Channel Strategy


Without a clear understanding of where you business is at, where its losses are, where the oppportunities are, what the ROI and conversion rates are, there can be no strategy. Know your sites true value and worth then build to take over. 

We Make Sure You Have The Best Training



Digital training allows you or your staff to be fluent in each of the disciplines, enable you and your staff to create, manage and optimise marketing campaigns. Accredited and certified, our training is tailored to your business requirements, the team and ouput. 

We Make Sure You Have A Great Content Strategy


Content Marketing is the process of creating longevity for your brand or your business. Content marketing can serve short term business objectives and well as long term results. It involves content, your business and your social environments

We Make Sure You Have Strong Search Engine Optimisation


Google updates 6000+ times a year, as such SEO changes with each algorithm update, what worked last month, may no longer apply. SEO is more important now than it has ever been. 

ClickAss Services

ClickAss offers a large range of services within the following specialisations.

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Digital Training

SEO, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Cross Platform Marketing, Content Marketing & Digital Strategy. We train teams and individuals, training tailored to your business requirements. 

Content Marketing

Just because your business engages with publishing content doesn’t mean that that engagement will equate to content marketing or success in content marketing.


ClickAss has a wide range of content offerings, from curation to creation, video content creation, SEO Copy writing, content strategy, content grading, etc. Content is our king.


Social Media Optimization is now more important than ever before, 2016 brings with it new algorithms and additions to social search and how we engage with it, so the rules of engagement keep changing, the goal posts of what success looks like have also changed.

SEO Audits

ClickAss offers easy to understand, full in depth auditing, using state of the art technology, our reports are available once off and on a monthly management option, we give you access to the report and data of the audit, you have permanent access via your own link. Competitor Analysis and landscape reports.


One size does NOT fit all. Its a utility like all others. You wouldn’t drive your car without oil and water would you? SEO is just that for your online vehicle, its the lighthouse in an ocean of darkness.

“I was very happy with the turnaround time and personal dedication given to each project. Will definitely use ClickAss again and will definitely give further recommendation on their work.”

Derek Abdinor – Times Media Group

“Kagiso MSN and Unilever won a Gold at New Generations Awards ceremony recently. Gratitude to ClickAss for delivering a world class product we are very proud of.”

General Manager – Kagiso Media